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Wednesday, December 25, 1912

Today is Christmas, and so of course there is no newspaper. Santa brought me apples, oranges, raisins, a smart new suit, and a lovely pillow embroidered in lilacs (my favorite flower). Cousin Elsie sent a pair of kid gloves, and dear Aunt Miriam gave me a subscription for the Forerunner, a monthly magazine produced by Charlotte Perkins Gilman!

Of course I know that “Santa” is really Mother and Papa.


The Finest Gift

no other Christmas gift so appreciated

This ad appeared in the Urbana Courier-Herald on Friday, December 20, 1912.

Tuesday, December 17, 1912

Once again I am disinterested in the stories in the newspaper. Instead, I’ve clipped this advertisement from the Courier-Herald. It shows the many wonderful things that may be done about the household using electricity, although it seems that they are prone to having silly names. (“Good afternoon, ladies. Allow me to introduce you to my chafing dish, El Eggo!”) It is all still quite wondrous; why, you could even light your Christmas tree by electricity.

don't forget the useful and handsome El Stovo

You Need a Victrola Right Now


And if someone you know is an early adopter and already has a Victrola, why not give them some random recordings for Christmas?

oh, the round kind, my favorite

You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out

Uncle Jim smells funny and talks real loud

This ad appeared in the Urbana Courier-Herald on December 3, 1912.