Bluestocking Journal

Real history, through the eyes of a fictional person

Month: January, 2013

Thursday, January 2, 1913

“County Supervisor Osman, bringing Edward Stromburg of Ludlow to the county hospital, Wednesday night, was surprised and horrified upon the train’s arrival in Champaign, to discover that he was sharing his seat with a corpse. He believed Stromburg to be asleep, but the latter was dead.”

Homer will not have an ice famine next summer. An entrerprising ice man has already filled his ice houses, even though the weather has not been very cold so far.


Wednesday, January 1, 1913

Today is New Year’s Day, and there is no newspaper.

Since taking up reading the papers daily in September of last year, I have learned so much. I have been appalled by acts of violence and hatred; I have been saddened by news of terrible accidents and loss; I have delighted in human ingenuity and wit. I know that 1913 will bring more of all of those things. Here’s hoping that the tales of wonder outshine the tales of woe in the coming year.