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End-of-Year Clearance Sale, 1912

stock up on Grape Nuts

This ad appeared in the Urbana Courier-Herald on December 27, 1912.


Should Trousers Become General


This cartoon appeared in the Urbana Courier-Herald on December 24, 1912. The word balloon reads, “Mother! Sis has gone to the theatre in my dress suit and I haven’t a thing to wear to the shop.”

The Finest Gift

no other Christmas gift so appreciated

This ad appeared in the Urbana Courier-Herald on Friday, December 20, 1912.

Football, Educated Bears, and a Magical Chink

at least it doesn't say "chink" in the ad

This ad appeared in the Urbana Courier-Herald on December 14, 1912. Here is the full text of the review in the same paper:

Mlle. Spellman and her educated bears will be the Waker [sic] feature for Monday—this is some act for it has played before the crowds at the New York Hippodrome. Big bears and little bears, but all of them trained marvelously are put through difficult and amusing paces. The intelligent bears head a bill which includes Nadell and Kane, comedians; Nealis and Hopkins, “The Postman and the Maid,” and Ah Ling Foo, the Chink magician. Final performances tonight of Nan Halperin and her “Suffragettes,” an amusing musical show featured by Nan herself—she is a comedienne of originality and her imitations of “vodvil” are worth a trip to the Walker.

You Need a Victrola Right Now


And if someone you know is an early adopter and already has a Victrola, why not give them some random recordings for Christmas?

oh, the round kind, my favorite

You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out

Uncle Jim smells funny and talks real loud

This ad appeared in the Urbana Courier-Herald on December 3, 1912.

Food Ads from November 1912

These three advertisements appeared on the same page of the Urbana Courier-Herald on November 25, 1912.

Don’t be alarmed—pineapple cheese contained no pineapple.

Doomed Antarctic Expedition Found

On this day in 1912, the bodies of Captain Robert Scott and his two companions were found in their sleeping bags, buried in snow. “Great God! this is an awful place,” it says in Scott’s journal, “and terrible enough for us to have laboured to it without the reward of priority.” This is because he and his team thought they would be the first to reach the South Pole, but Norwegians had beat them to it by about a month.

Grocery Sale Prices, 1912

This ad ran in the Urbana Courier-Herald on November 7, 1912.

What If Roosevelt Had Won in 1912?

Adolf Hitler might never have come into power, among other things.

Teddy Roosevelt And World War I: An Alternative History (Saturday Evening Post)