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Should Trousers Become General


This cartoon appeared in the Urbana Courier-Herald on December 24, 1912. The word balloon reads, “Mother! Sis has gone to the theatre in my dress suit and I haven’t a thing to wear to the shop.”


Speaking of Hatpins …

Cartoon entitled “A Little Hint,”
Urbana Courier-Herald, September 21, 1912

Civilization Recoils from Old Nippon

Cartoon entitled “Suicide of Nogi,” Urbana Courier-Herald, September 20, 1912

Personified “Civilization” recoils in horror from “The Old Nippon” after the suicide of Count Nogi and his wife at the emperor’s funeral. “Civilization” carries a list of “Gifts from the West to Japan”: Christianity, constitutional government, scientific enlightenment, and higher education are visible on the list.

Long Pants

Appeared in the Urbana Courier-Herald on September 17, 1912

U.S. Occupation of Nicaragua Begins

This cartoon, entitled “Gettin’ Took,” appeared in the Urbana Courier-Herald on September 16, 1912.

The United States occupied Nicaragua from the summer of 1912 until 1933, when the Great Depression made the occupation too costly to maintain.

From 1909 to 1912, U.S. Marine Smedley Butler served in Nicaragua to enforce U.S. policy as part of the Banana Wars. Many years later, the highly decorated retired serviceman would write War Is a Racket.

I Just Like This Picture