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From Black and WTF, a wonderful compendium of odd black-and-white photographs.


Saturday, September 28, 1912

Here is the only local news that I found interesting today:

[On the back of this photograph is written “Illinois Theatre behind Flat Iron Building.” The photograph is from the website of the Champaign County Genealogical Society; go and check out their other historical photos, courtesy of the Champaign County Historical Archives. —Ed.]

Police say that a man who suicided in Pittsburgh was a member of a band of anarchists who meet each Sunday at a cobbler’s shop. He was, they say, assigned to kill President Taft, but he lost his nerve and threw himself in front of a train.

Three Handsome Ladies

Three women in men’s suits, circa 1910

From Girls Will Be Boys and Boys Will Be Girls (Oregon Quarterly)

U of I Library School Class of 1912

University of Illinois Archives

Suffrage Lunch Wagon, 1912

Esther Pohl and the Suffrage Lunch Wagon


Girl Scouts Founded in March 1912

1912 girls’ basketball team

Founding of the Girl Scouts