Monday, December 9, 1912

by Elizabeth

“Make a bonfire of your hats, throw away your corsets and wear trousers instead of those ridiculous tight skirts,” said Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt to the Equal Suffrage club in New York. For the past two years, she has traveled around the world promoting the idea of votes for women. “My trip around the globe convinced me that my own country women are the most fettered, sartorially, to be found anywhere. It is time for the western woman to kick herself free of the swaddling draperies which the Parisian sends over to us. We should declare our independence in dress as we have in politics, and the sooner we do it the better for health, happiness and the cause.”

This does sound rather comfortable, but I certainly won’t be setting my hats on fire! Here is a picture of Mrs. Catt:

Carrie Chapman Catt