Sunday, November 24, 1912

by Elizabeth

The humorist whose ad I pasted in some days ago, Strickland W. Gillilan, evidently was very entertaining during a lecture (of sorts) that he gave at the University. He insisted it wasn’t a lecture. “It is about as appropriate to call it a lecture,” he said, “as it is to say that one dreams a chicken when he takes off every bit of clothes it has.” He is an optimist but objects to the common definition of the term. “The person who is going around all the time ha-haling and saying that everything is all right when he knows it isn’t true, isn’t an optimist. He’s a cheerful idiot.”

The Lyric theater has secured a booking for the photo play, “Queen Elizabeth,” with Mme. Sarah Bernhardt in the title role. “This picture is the first of a series that are now being produced in which famous stars of the legitimate stage will appear in their own productions. This gives lovers of the silent drama an opportunity to see the world’s greatest actors and actresses in the plays they have made famous.” The picture will be shown on Wednesday, November 27, “complete in four reels and no advance in prices.”