Friday, November 22, 1912

by Elizabeth

Suffrage will win, said Dr. Anna Howard Shaw, president of the National Woman Suffrage association, at the forty-fourth annual convention of that organization in Philadelphia. “Heretofore we had to inspire enthusiasm; now we have to hold it down,” she declared. The convention took place in historic Independence square, which was filled to its capacity, with men predominating.

A man near Murphysboro killed a bald eagle that had been stealing fowl and pigs. Its wingspan was six feet and nine inches.

In Hood River, Oregon, there is a hunt on for a big brown bear that raided a raspberry patch, destroyed an apiary, and entered a kitchen. When it entered the caretaker’s sleeping room, he dove out an open window by his bed. “The flapping of his night shirt waving an adieu so suddenly in the cool morning breeze frightened the bear, which turned over a cupboard of jams and canned fruits in its hasty exit through the pantry.”