Tuesday, November 19, 1912

by Elizabeth

Sarah Durham, a Champaign seamstress, is seeking $50,000 in a lawsuit against C. W. Walcott, a well-known retired farmer living in Urbana. She charges that Walcott alienated the affections of his son, St. Elmo, from her. She says they were engaged in 1904 and that St. Elmo Walcott is the father of her nine-year-old boy. The elder Walcott, she charges, persuaded his son not to marry her. “Owing to the fact that the Walcott and Durham families moved in different social circles,” the article says, Miss Durham’s story of how she (as a high school girl) and Walcott (then a University student) became acquainted is “quite interesting.” It is, however, the opposite of interesting.