Friday, November 15, 1912

by Elizabeth

The Pastime Club, a colored organization, held a public dance last night, but no one attended. “That mingling of the races in such a manner is held in disfavor both by whites and blacks is shown by the fact that members of neither race attended. Today the committee is trying to figure up the club’s deficit. Colonel Williams will have to shine a good many shoes, and Commodore Anderson will have to make a lot of trips with the hod to square the account.”

Margaret Lowry, who was attacked with a hammer here Wednesday evening, will recover. Physicians say there is no injury to her brain.

Weird surgical feats are being performed at the clinical congress of surgeons in session in New York. A man whose nose had been destroyed by an accident had it replaced with one of his fingers. A cat was made to live without its head, “as if the cat were only asleep with all its personality intact.” Dogs were killed and brought back to life. I am uncertain of the value of any of these experiments, to be honest.