Election Eve Snippets from the Urbana Courier-Herald

by Elizabeth

Theodore Roosevelt can’t win the election, says this little ad, and if you vote for him, you are essentially voting for Woodrow Wilson, who is a college professor, which apparently is a bad thing. (Why, yes, the Courier-Herald was staunchly Republican.)

Here is an enormous ad outlining the shining properties of William B. McKinley in Congress. It says that he has voted with the “Progressive branch of the Republican party” and that if he is replaced with an inexperienced person (persumably of the Progressive Party), calamity will likely ensue.

And this ad for Louis A. Busch, the Democratic candidate for state’s attorney, interested me because he avers, “I have never held a public office, nor been a candidate before.” It’s like the opposite of the McKinley campaign’s assertion! In another ad, it states that he’s an “Urbana boy,” which I suppose counts for something.