Saturday, November 2, 1912

by Elizabeth

Important front-page news! “William, the little son of Mr. and Mrs. John Turner, pushed a button up one of his nostrils, and the services of a physician were required to remove it.”

Besides that fascinating story, there is more on the Singer murder in Chicago. Lillian Beatrice Ryall-Conway, “burlesque actress and animal tamer,” whilst screaming and cowering and generally carrying on, told the the fascinatingly named Captain Nootbaar that her husband, Charles Conway, “the wooden-footed circus clown,” murdered Miss Singer after a quarrel. Whew! I think that sentence is going to get right up and walk off the page.

Also in the paper today were the official ballot, the woman’s ballot, and the proposals to be voted upon, which seem to me to be worded in such a way as to imply that anyone who votes against them must be very stupid indeed. I have decided to clip them and paste them in here; I will be interested to see whether any of them do not pass.