Friday, November 1, 1912

by Elizabeth

“There was an exciting hairpulling, lasting at least five minutes, in front of Knowlton & Bennett’s drug store, shortly after 4 o’clock, Thursday afternoon. In this case, hairpulling is no figure of speech, for the three women involved, Mrs. Ethel Boley, Mrs. Bessie Slade and Mrs. Hazel Turner, made the rats and Marseille waves fly. The scrap has the same effect on the tonsorialists as a dog fight and the crowd that gathered around the combatants was liberally sprinkled with white coats from shops near and far.”

Charles Conway, a one-legged professional high diver, was arrested in Lima, Ohio, along with his wife. They were wanted in connection with the Chicago murder of Miss Sophia Singer, a Baltimore heiress. Conway admitted he knew he was wanted but denied any connection with the crime; his wife became hysterical. They had two suits of clothes, which they admit are the property of the murdered woman’s lover, in a trunk at their hotel room.

Speaking of murder, a man in Moline, angered when his ability as a musician was belittled, killed his life-long friend with a chair.