Thursday, October 31, 1912

by Elizabeth

Vice-President Sherman has died, but this will not affect the election. In the case of a Taft victory, a vice-president will be chosen by the Republican national committee (most likely).

Here is a strange story. A man in Ohio stole a razor from a barber after having been shaved. The barber struck him a blow with his fist, and the man staggered out to the sidewalk and fell dead. The police found the address of A. J. Woolman, of Urbana, in his pocket; this led them to believe that the dead man was Woolman. The Urbana chief of police received a telegraph to that effect and telephoned Mrs. Woolman to break the news to her, but Mr. Woolman surprised him by answering the phone. The dead fellow is now believed to be John Dillon, formerly of the Twin Cities, but Mr. Woolman never heard of him and can’t explain why Dillon should have been carrying his address.

And finally, a girl is enrolled in engineering at the University. Her name is Dorothea Clayberg, and she has been elected vice-president of the freshman class in the engineering school.