Monday, October 28, 1912

by Elizabeth

“A telephone lineman known to the authorities by no other name than ‘Turk,’ is being held by the Champaign police for suspected implication in a burglary at the Co-op. store on Wright street, early this morning, but because of the bungling of Ed. Lee, negro constable, it is very doubtful where a charge can be made to stick.” Constable Lee saw ‘Turk’ walking back in forth in front of the building at 3 o’clock and suspected he was acting as “look-out” during a burglary. He arrested the man and took him to the city prison, leaving several students on guard at the Co-op. The students let the burglars get away.

The worst fire in Champaign in years destroyed the textile factory at the corner of Green and Neil streets early yesterday morning. About one hundred workers are now out of employment. No one knows how the blaze started.

Finally, a local Methodist preacher believes that he is the target of a Mormon conspiracy, and he has taken out a large advertisement in the paper in order to state his concerns.