Thursday, October 24, 1912

by Elizabeth

This Peoria Herald-Transcript editorial by George Fitch, a well-known author, pokes fun at the U. of I. over its recent student rioting problem:

Dispatches we may expect from Illinois University during the coming winter.

Champaign, Oct. 30.—During a quiet little celebration over the defeat of Depauw on the gridiron seven hundred U. of I. students made a bonfire of the First Congregational church last night. All books in the public library were thrown on the blaze and the students marched round the burning structure singing, “What the Hell Do We Care?”

Champaign, Nov. 13.—During a class fight at Illinois University last night students blew up three of the University buildings with nitroglycerine. The trouble started when a gang of seniors compelled two freshmen to jump off the top of the water tower.

Champaign, Nov. 30.—The end of the football season was hilariously celebrated by University students last night. Seven policemen were lynched and hung at various points in the chapel and the legs were sawed off thirteen professors. This has been the most successful season in the University’s history, and the state will be asked to double its appropriation next year.