Tuesday, October 15, 1912

by Elizabeth

Theodore Roosevelt was shot by a maniac in Milwaukee last night! As Roosevelt entered the motorcar that would take him to a speaking engagement at the auditorium, a “scraggly attired man” fired a shot from a .32-caliber revolver into his right side.

Roosevelt’s stenographer and two military men apprehended the shooter. Thinking he was only grazed, the colonel waved his hat at the crowd and said, “My good friends, I’m not hurt. I’m going on to the hall to speak. Good luck.” He would not allow his private physician to examine him.

At the hall, his physician persisted, but Roosevelt said, “I’m going to make a speech if it’s the last one.” He walked to the stage, greeted the wildly cheering crowd, and pulled the notes for his speech from his pocket, only to find that the bullet had penetrated the thick manuscript and lodged in his chest. He covered the area with his hand so that the audience could not see it and proceeded to make his speech.

He told the audience, “I do not care a rap about being shot, not a rap. I have had a good many experiences in my time, and this is only one of them.” After his speech (only slightly curtailed), he was taken to the hospital, where they pronounced the wound superficial, although the bullet was lodged in his chest. He boarded his special train at midnight for Chicago, where he will be placed under surgical care. As he left, he declared that he was “feeling bully.”

Of course this means that we did not get a visit from Colonel Roosevelt today at West Side Park, which is disappointing, but I am glad he seems to be all right.