Monday, October 14, 1912

by Elizabeth

A mysterious woman has stricken terror in two households in Urbana by suddenly appearing at the window and fixing each person with a piercing gaze before gliding away slowly. “Peeping Jane” has snow-white hair and a pale, drawn countenance, and she is believed to be a maniac. “Women and children of the neighborhood she infests are keeping close indoors after nightfall and the men admit that they are not feeling any too cheerful over her visits.”

The Piatt county sheriff was in Urbana today with a Miss Dove in custody, enroute to the home for incorrigible girls at Geneva. She was declared a delinquent, and she is the same girl responsible for the imprisonment of a former ITS agent who is now serving a term at Chester for an alleged criminal assault upon her. During the trial, he denied his guilt, claiming that the girl had made indecent advances.

In Danville, an amateur detective heard a farmer remark that the Talarigo murder case of that city would never be solved, upon which the “detective” (actually a machinist) arrested the farmer. He took him to police headquarters, where each man was fined $3 and costs for being drunk.