Saturday, October 12, 1912

by Elizabeth

Theodore Roosevelt is really coming to Champaign on Tuesday. He will be here from noon until two o’clock. If the weather is suitable, he will speak at West Side Park. The Courier-Herald supports Taft, which is evident in this article. The writer calls Roosevelt “Theodore Rex, chief of the order and grand inciter of uneasiness” and describes local progressives as “scampering about as excited as the small boy at the first blast of the distant calliope on circus day.”

The bloodhound that was set upon the trail of the “Black Hand” lost the scent in the northern part of Urbana, so Gerry Nordo may continue to be plagued by this mysterious agency.

George Huff, the director of athletics at the University of Illinois, disapproves of the undignified present-day methods of evoking enthusiasm at games, and cheer leading may be banned. “It is not necessary for cheer leaders to go through the gyrations usually followed,” he said.

Finally, a Chicago man became stuck in quicksand near Alton, being drawn into it until only his head was visible. He escaped death, but the experience drove him insane. Doctors are doubtful that he will regain his sanity.