Friday, October 11, 1912

by Elizabeth

On Wednesday, T. F. McCaferty ran his automobile through the plate glass window of the Kelley shoe store at Main and Neil streets in Champaign, but he “evidently was not content with so mild a form of excitement” and last evening drove his machine in front of a street car at State and Church streets. “The auto was smashed up, but McCaferty escaped with a severe shaking up.” Perhaps Mr. McCaferty should abandon the idea of motorcars altogether and get himself a nice horse and carriage.

The University senate may very well forbid the giving of the agricultural dance this year. “The chief objection against the dance is the large number that attend. The members of the senate committee are convinced that on this account the control of the dancers is well nigh impossible.” If you lose control of dancers, what happens? Do they careen into walls?