Tuesday, October 8, 1912

by Elizabeth

Deputy Sheriff Evans outwitted a Pinkerton detective and earned a $100 reward by arresting Mrs. Effie Wyatt of Rantoul, who passed a forged check on the Trevett-Mattis bank of Champaign. The Pinkerton man had worked on the case for several days but abandoned it.

A youth in the front row at the Walker Opera House began throwing coins on the stage during a performance. “It is alleged that the manager pulled him out of his seat and started to forcibly eject him from the theater. At this juncture, it is said, several students took sides with the offender, who was allowed to remain. It is said that someone called the latter aside after the show and slapped his face.”

A man gathering walnuts in Alton was shot by an unknown person. His right side was riddled with two loads of shot at close range, and he was found four hours later due to the barking of his dog. “The dog, fearing further hurt to his friend, had to be beaten into insensibility before he would let the rescuers touch his unconscious master.”