Sunday, October 6, 1912

by Elizabeth

Today is Encyclopaedia day, because there is, of course, no paper on Sundays. The next article, “Man As a Domesticated Animal,” was very enlightening. There are many examples of how a woman may domesticate a husband and get him to participate in the running of the household. Here is my favorite selection:

“An excellent way to domesticate a husband is to take a country cottage and have in daily help, who comes at seven in the morning and leaves at perhaps seven in the evening. The couple have to get their own supper, and Edwin soon becomes an adept in garnishing dishes, shredding lettuce for salad, and even in cookery itself. He washes his potatoes cleaner than any hired cook has ever been known to do, and cooks them to a turn, but the worst of his accomplishments is that he requires those at table audibly to appreciate his achievements almost without intermission. He thoroughly enjoys the products of his own skill, and seems resolved that no one else should miss doing so from want of attention being drawn to them.”

I have never seen Papa do any cooking, unless carving a roast counts.

There is also an interesting part about how if a woman has a wonderful idea for improving the home, she must go to great lengths to convince her husband that it is his own idea. This marriage business is more complicated than I ever imagined!