Thursday, October 3, 1912

by Elizabeth

Mrs. John Norton Pomeroy, of 1109 West California avenue in Urbana, is probably the only woman in the Twin Cities who has the right to vote in the presidential election this year. She maintains a legal residence in California, which extended the right of entire suffrage to women recently, placing it “in advance of the states in the effete east.” She would have to travel to California in order to vote.

Yesterday afternoon, three hundred freshmen went on a rampage in the Natural History Building and broke things. They were trying to get a look at a board on which seating assignments for physical training lectures had been posted. The same thing happened last week, only this time even the lists of names were torn up. “This will necessitate the making of new ones, which is a hard task.” Dean Clark arrived and quieted the men. On Tuesday he warned the freshmen against the painting of class numerals on sidewalks and buildings. (Rival freshmen and sophomores apparently do this by custom.)

There are 4,050 students at the University of Illinois this year, of whom 889 are women.