Thursday, September 26, 1912

by Elizabeth

An article called “JEFFERSONIANS SURPRISE THEMSELVES BY BIG TURNOUT” tells how the city council room was crowded for the meeting of democrats last night, prompting a “Bull Mooser” to “jealously remark that he did not know there were so many democrats in the world.” The headquarters will probably be either the rooms over Plummer Grubbs’ pool room or those over B. F. Stevenson’s grocery.

North of Danville there is a small town called Milford, where a masked bandit jumped out from behind a hedge and ordered Mrs. Jacob Jenks, the wife of a prominent farmer, to throw up her hands. When she did, the man threw carbolic acid in her face and robbed her. “Bloodhounds are being rushed in automobiles to the scene.”

Governor Woodrow Wilson buys his socks in Scotland, and so one should not vote for him, says an editorial reprinted from the Trenton Gazette. “His apparent indifference to the condition of American laborers may be due to his ability to get along without being obliged to eat bread in the sweat of his brow.”