Wednesday, September 25, 1912

by Elizabeth

Gordon Pettigrew has been absolved of blame in the case of the death of Edna Vice. Today a coroner’s inquest resulted in a verdict that she died by blood poisoning caused by a criminal operation performed by an unknown person. The statement implicating Pettigrew, signed by Miss Vice on her deathbed, was apparently dictated by the nurse. The poor dying girl may not even have read it.

The New York sculptor Jacob Epstein rushed from London to Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris to rip away a veil covering the Oscar Wilde monument, which he designed. The cemetery director insisted that the monument “violated the sanctity of the dead.” It is a representation of Wilde’s story “De Profundis.” “Its advanced type of art lays it open to the criticism of those of the stereotyped school of monumental art.” I wonder what it looks like?

A healthy baby girl with a transparent back was born in Pennsylvania. “Through the thin skin covering the back the internal organs may be seen.” That is disturbing, but here is something more alarming still: “Alarmed by the increase in the past year of the number of imbeciles in Ohio, President Allen W. Thurman of the state board of administration, declares that if a law of sterilization is not passed within a decade the state will be bankrupted in its care for the weak minded.”