Tuesday, September 24, 1912

by Elizabeth

“Wild Bill” Humble was captured in a stubble field north of Mahomet yesterday afternoon. “It was the singing of the bullets from the Winchester that converted Humble from a type of the traditional bad man to a cringing coward begging for mercy.” He is now in the jail in Urbana, charged with the attempted murder of Constable Gus Sites at Homer last week. The aged Constable Sites winged him with a bullet to the hip. “Sites is in his element when under fire and he stood up before Wild Bill’s bullets as he stood before the Confederate lead at first Bull Run, Gettysburg and other notable battles, during which he collected an assortment of fourteen missiles in his anatomy.”

An eighteen-year-old Bronx girl arrested a young man in a Brooklyn “L” car and dragged him to court, several blocks away. He had made comments on the tightness of her skirt, and she charged him with having brought public humiliation to her. The man was held on $500 bail.