Friday, September 20, 1912

by Elizabeth

Seventeen-year-old Edna Vice of Tolono died this morning. The warrant sworn out by her foster father charges that Gordon Pettigrew, a farm hand who wronged the girl, gave her a drug to produce an abortion. The sheriff has gone to make Pettigrew his prisoner.

Dr. Joseph Scheurich of Philo figures three years of paying alimony is plenty and is petitioning the court for custody of his children. Mrs. Scheurich and a Philo man recently were arrested for living together illegally.

The Twin City Equal Suffrage association will hold a very important meeting at the home of Mrs. Milton Parks, 810 West Green street, Urbana, at three o’clock Saturday.

William Humble, who shot at the marshal of Homer, is holding the highway near his home in Newcomb township. “Heavily armed and evidently insane, Humble is stationed in front of the Oak Grove church and threatens to kill anyone who comes in range of his guns.”

A woman in Providence, Rhode Island, held police officers at bay by running into her room and disrobing. She refused to put on any clothing for several hours, until a friend persuaded her to dress. She was charged with the theft of a diamond ring.

In Nicaragua, “a large number of college girls are still at the mercy of the bandit soldiery of the revolution.” The headline is “CO-EDS ARE IN PERIL,” and three companies of American marines are rushing to their aid.