Thursday, September 19, 1912

by Elizabeth

“Hiram Perkins,” the new student who caused such a stir with his odd rural costume Tuesday, was actually Charles Burns, a Phi Kappa pledge performing an initiation. He changed clothes on the train coming in, “his disguise being so complete that the conductor threatened to put him off unless he paid another fare.”

A runaway team attached to a hay rack caused excitement on South Market street. The frightened horses ran into the telephone post at the corner of East Green and Market streets, and one horse broke loose. The other ran with the wagon into someone’s front yard, where the wagon was caught in the tree.

William Humble, “all around bad medicine,” went to Homer last night in search of his wife, whom he recently divorced and remarried and is now suing again. He created a disturbance in the street, and the marshal arrived. “I’m a deputy sheriff and I’d like to see you arrest me,” Humble yelled, drawing a revolver. He fired at the marshal and escaped.

What in the world is a “stobk mind”?