Tuesday, September 17, 1912

by Elizabeth

The “wild man” who thinks that he owns every building here was arraigned again, found to be insane, and taken to the hospital at Kankakee.

Four Chinese students registered at my school yesterday. They were sent here by their government to be educated. They have all served in the Chinese army. Interestingly, in China, English is taught in schools, just as German is taught here.

Someone left a fine new briar pipe with an amber stem on the desk of County Clerk Fred Hess, “but do you think Fred would smoke it? Not much! He’s been in public life too long not to know all about how great leaders have had their domes shot off by infernal machines, and doesn’t intend to take any chances.”

Several new buildings at the university are nearing completion, and they have begun clearing the ground for the new armory, which will be the largest building of its kind in the world.

“American marines under the command of Maj. Smedley Butler are marching to the rescue of a number of French, American and native girls imprisoned in a girls’ school in Granada, Nicaragua.” They are in danger of starvation because the rebels have surrounded the school and none of the girls can get out.