Monday, September 16, 1912

by Elizabeth

The “wild man” who was freed from jail on Friday burglarized a home three miles north of St. Joseph and was apprehended by the homeowner, who gave chase in an automobile. The “wild man,” now back in the county jail, said, “There is a great white light, which you people cannot see, that shows me these things that are mine.”

The colored horse thief who recently pleaded guilty and aroused everyone’s pity, as he is so very ill, was revealed to have been eating soap to make himself ill. He will probably not get such a light sentence now, and certainly he won’t get any more soap.

I asked Papa about this cartoon, and he said that there is an unwritten law that presidents should serve no more than two terms. I think this is peculiar. If it is a law, shouldn’t it be written down somewhere? And if it is a law, does that make Mr. Roosevelt a criminal?

The head of Standard Oil, John D. Rockefeller, has been bunkoed. He bought five thousand acres of land, but it was infested with thousands of snakes, which he fears. He offered to pay twenty-five cents for every snake skin brought in, but once the snakes were nearly extinct, workmen started a snake hatchery on the premises so that they could continue to profit by the reptilian deaths.