Saturday, September 14, 1912

by Elizabeth

The “wild man” in yesterday’s news appeared in court. His name is Francis Ganalan, and he told the jury, “I furnished the money to build the University of Illinois and the courthouse and all these big buildings around here are mine.” The jury decided that he was not insane, only “muddled as the result of a debauch,” and he was released. This morning a reporter found him on Race street, sitting on a pile of boards in front of yet another building he claims to own, and Mr. Ganalan declared that he would return to take possession of the farmhouse near Tolono where he was arrested. “The jury decided that I own the place and that the people who had me put off the place had no right there.” He sounds very confused to me, the poor fellow.

In Ohio, a group of eight wives dressed in men’s clothing and took a pretty young girl to a lonely spot in the dead of night, stripped her, and applied tar and feathers. They believed she had been flirting with their husbands.

In Tokyo, Japan, at the funeral of Emperor Mutsuhito, Count and Countess Nogi slew themselves with their own blades in front of hundreds of mourners. Apparently this is a Samurai tradition. “More than 100 Japanese have killed themselves in this manner, known as hari kari, since Emperor Mutsuhito died, August 13, last.”