Tuesday, September 10, 1912

by Elizabeth

Thomas Arkle Clark, dean of the undergraduates at the University of Illinois, detected a pickpocket after his belongings at the union station in Peoria. He seized the pickpocket and held onto him even as three accomplices came to help the thief, and Mr. Clark was dragged across the tracks. The pickpocket wriggled out of his coat and ran away. The dean plans to keep the coat as a memento.

An explorer sent out by the American Museum of Natural History has discovered a lost tribe of whites on Victoria Island in the Canadian Arctic. He claims they are descendants of the followers of the Norse explorer Lief Erickson.

It is so very hot. The Arctic sounds almost pleasant. Maybe I will become temporarily deranged from the heat and do something shocking, such as swimming in a heliotrope-colored bathing suit in the wrong part of a lake.