Sunday, September 8, 1912

by Elizabeth

Since there is no paper today, I have been reading the Encyclopaedia. The first article is all about how to set up a hall properly. Outer garments must be hidden away from sight. “These most generally belong to the men of the house, who, by some strange unwritten law, are always allowed to take off coats and hats downstairs, and are never expected to take them to their rooms.”

The writer seems really quite peevish about men. In discussing glove boxes in hall cupboards, she writes, “This seems better than the shelf, though whether any but the perfect male—not yet born—would ever be induced to put his gloves each day in a box is not within the scope of this article to decide.”

Following the hall-furnishing discussion is a lot of information about proper heating, and then there are detailed instructions on how to fold several types of table fan out of napkins. This actually looks like fun, and I’m going to surprise my parents when I set the dinner table.