Friday, September 6, 1912

by Elizabeth

Apparently our Urbana aldermen are not so good at baseball as they said. They lost 23 to 9 to Champaign.

BUD MARS THE AVIATOR IS BADLY INJURED—terrible news! He was just here for the county fair, but some horrid fence in New York has got the best of him.

Suffragettes were thrown out of the Welsh Eisteddfod for interrupting Chancellor of the Exchequer Lloyd George, and then a mob outside beat them severely and nearly stripped off all their clothing before the women were rescued by police. “The police inside the hall were compelled to handle the women rather roughly in driving them from the building, and one suffragette was slightly injured. None was arrested.”

The Walker opera house will open its vaudeville season Monday night. The opening bill consists of the Marimba band; Harry Thompson, “a clever comedian and fun maker”; Wolf and Zadella, two old favorites; and Miss LaBelle Clark, with her wonderfully trained dancing horse. “The General Films company of Chicago will furnish the motion pictures this year, this fact alone assures us that the pictures will be the best.” I should very much like to see a dancing horse.