Wednesday, September 4, 1912

by Elizabeth

“The Urbana city council has a baseball team that is not to be sneezed at, contrary to reports circulated by envy-green Champaign that it is composed of an awkward squad, better adapted to playing horseshoes.” These are our elected officials.

Suffragists will maintain a booth at the Minnesota state fair “where every man, whether married or single,” may have his socks darned. Here is their slogan:

     Darn the government; darn the socks,
     That’s the way to the ballot box.
     Patch the holes in hubby’s hose,
     March to the polls and voice our woes.

Out of forty-two proposed amendments to the Ohio constitution, all look to have been carried except the Equal Franchise Amendment to give the vote to women. The men must be terribly frightened of us. Perhaps they are worried that with all that voting and such, women won’t find the time anymore to darn their socks.

Mrs. Georgia McIntyre Weaver graduated from law school in Atlanta, but unfortunately women are barred from the practice of law in Georgia. I suppose she will have her diploma framed and displayed in the sewing-room.

In St. Louis, Dr. Sarah F. Wells has died of scalds received from falling into a tub of hot water. She was the proprietress of a “queer little apothecary shop,” had fifteen cats, and was reputed to be both wealthy and a witch. She was also a “graduate of Oberlin university, founder of medical colleges, author, lecturer, traveler, adventuress and charlatan,” and her late husband was an eccentric aeronaut and poet. They sound so very interesting!

A monkey escaped from the circus in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and raided a grocery store. It clawed a college student, charged the police—who fled in response—and tore a cat to pieces. A small boy finally managed to coax the monkey into a chicken pen.

The Illinois state fair (in Springfield, October 4 to 12) promises a fleet of airships, and all are to be in the air at one time! Said Secretary Dickinson, “Madame De Vonda will fly in a hot-air balloon—I believe she is to go up about half a mile and then come down in a parachute.”

School starts Monday in Urbana, and the list of required texts for each grade is in today’s paper. There is a piano sale at Lloyde’s! I wonder if I can convince Papa to buy us one.